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Friday, June 10, 2016

Muhammad Ali’s Funeral: Political Event for the Left

Malcolm XS. Noble   "Ali’s funeral was a political event for leftists. The same people who trashed Nancy Reagan after her death and ignored and/or reviled Margaret Thatcher are the same people who glorify dead Marxists like Nelson Mandela and use Ali’s funeral to further their leftist agenda.

"Ali is to be admired for many things but this funeral today wasn’t solely about admiration for him. For some, it was about all the leftist ideals they could squeeze into the ceremony.

"The only reason Obama missed it is because today was his daughter’s high school graduation.

"Valerie Jarrett played the race card over and over.

“He’d have everything stripped from him, his titles, his standing, his money, his passion. Very nearly his freedom. But Ali still chose America. I imagine he knew that only here in this country could he win it all back. So he chose to help perfect a union where a descendent of slaves could become the king of the world. And in the process, in the process, LEPD some dignity to all of us. Maids, porters, students and elderly bathroom attendant and help inspire a young, mixed kid with a funny name to have the audacity to believe he could be anything, even the president of the United States!”
Jarrett. . . 
More on Jarrett here: Wicked Valerie Jarrett Uses Ali Funeral to Diss America
Shades of the Wellstone memorial!

Radical Rabbi At Muhammad Ali’s Funeral Attacks Israel, Declares A Winner In Presidential Election   . . . “We Will Not Tolerate Anyone Putting Down Muslims”…

Rabbi Turns Ali Service Into Political Pep Rally, Denounces ‘Racist Police,’ Says ‘1 Percent’ Must ‘Share Their Wealth’

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