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Saturday, May 5, 2018

COLBERT’S LATE SHOW Openly Mocks Melania Trump…Would Michelle Obama Be Treated The Same? [Video]

"Please let Colbert know on Twitter how wrong he is for mocking our First Lady!"

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100% Fed Up "The liberal media keeps hitting below the belt…
"Liberal hack Stephen Colbert of the Late Show thinks it’s funny to mock our first lady. This is typical of most of the late night comedy. The low bar was set by Saturday Night Live and now everyone else is jumping into the act. Shame on Colbert for his disgusting and shameful attempt at comedy. Not funny!
"Actress Laura Benanti returned to The Late Show as Melania Trump to deny she’s being too constrained in the White House.

Video here. I was going to embed the video, but couldn't bear doing it.
I have had contempt for this weasel since he bullied President Bush at - you guessed it - a previous White House Press dinner.
He needed no more courage to do what he did than the school bully does when picking on a smaller kid who he knows will not respond. 

"This would NEVER happen to the protected class of liberals. The fact that Colbert would air something like this just further cements proof  we’re in a war to control the narrative being pushed about the President and First Lady. The media wants people to think that their marriage is on the rocks. The press goes nuts if they don’t hold hands or if they do hold hands in the wrong way. It’s ridiculous!

"Please let Colbert know on Twitter how wrong he is for mocking our First Lady!"

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