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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Guess how liberals reacted to the Islamic attack in London?

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Ed Straker  "When Muslims kill people "in the name of Allah," how do liberals react? We know they don't equate the terrorist act with the Islamic religion. So what do they say? Because it is important to know how liberals think, I have donned a hazmat suit and dived deeply into the comments section of the HuffPo and the WaPo to enlighten you.
Pat Dayton Neff • Knightdale, North Carolina
Another sad chapter in our current world history. What will it take for all of us to realize all life is important
"All of us? We can see the creeping moral equivalence here. Are there also Christians and Buddhists going around running people down in cars and stabbing them?
Stephen Haydel • Senior Software Engineer at Self Employed - Independent Contractor
Hate breads Violence.

"Is it hate that really "breads" violence?
. . . No, it's neanderthal men!
Zanna T Laws • City of London Polytechnic
I suspect it is not even terrorism anymore - simply unevolved males leaping at the chance to be randomly violent.
"It's not Islam, it's men's fault! Do you think Zanna is an "evolved" female? If so, does that mean she pays for her own abortions?"
Oh, but there is much more:
Image result for liberals vs muslims cartoons

MSNBC wonders if there has been an “overreaction by authorities” to the latest Muslim terrorist attack in London   Video

President Trump blasts London’s Muslim Mayor after latest Muslim terrorist attack  "
During Sunday’s tweetstorm, Trump stressed an end to political correctness — possibly because Khan declined to mention the term “radical Islam” in a statement to residents.
“ 'We must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people,” Trump wrote. “If we don’t get smart it will only get worse.' ”

Killing In The Name Of: Stop Using Other Religions To Excuse Islamic Terrorism . . .
Can someone please explain why religion is never mentioned when an evil coward guns down children in an American school? 

"Implicit in this ridiculous statement is, of course, that either A) there was a religious motivating factor behind the Newtown massacre (to use one example of a school shooting), or B) that we’re all really biased and racist and Islamophobic for bringing up the London Bridge killers’ devotion to that religion. So, taken in turn: A) the killers in school shootings in America, to the best of my knowledge, do not claim the innocent victims’ lives in the name of their God, and B) the killers in London did." . . .

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