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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Weather Channel Founder Delivers Knock Out Punch To Climate Change Advocates

Wayne Dupree  "I want you to grab a chair, something to eat, and your headphones. Sit back and listen to John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel destroy climate change advocates. 

"Let me remind you to gather a writing pad to take down notes, that’s just how great this video is.

"Coleman has the bonafides from the weather industry and probably would still be working in the field if it had not gone political as he stated in the video below.
"He’s every entertaining as you think you were watching him give a morning weather report, which also shows he’s the real deal, but he’s also serious. His message must be shared by all.
"If you want to fight the liberals on global warming/climate change, this is how you do it. Coleman does that over and over again in this video." . . .

"What did you think of Coleman? Do you think he nailed it? Share your opinions below in comment section."

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