Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fraternity charged with theft after students urinate on flag, spit on veterans

"On Friday, the University of Florida said it is charging the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity with theft, along with obscene behavior, public intoxication, causing physical or other harm and damage to property after students urinated on a flag and engaged in what was called inappropriate behavior, WHNT reported Friday. The school, WHNT said, suspended the fraternity for students' actions at a Panama City beach resort and the fraternity has expelled three of its members.

"Warrior Beach Retreat Founder Linda Cope said students threw marshmallows at vehicles belonging to veterans, made inappropriate comments to females at the retreat and tore flags off their cars. They also spat on a service member and his dog. Worse yet, police filed no charges in the incident.

“ 'They actually spit on me and my service dog as well, and that’s just so disrespectful and it hurts. I come and I feel honored and I feel safe and that I belong, but now I feel like I’m defending myself,” said Nicholas Connole, a wounded veteran at the event. Cope, the organizer of the event, said students "were urinating off the balconies, throwing up in the elevators, making suggestive and sexual comments about veterans with their service dogs and derogatory and suggestive comments about their wives." She also said it was all too reminiscent of treatment meted out to Vietnam veterans." . . .
Sad to see the "peace" symbol making a fashion comeback. Most who wear it are too young to realize that during the Vietnam war, people sporting that image assaulted and spat on our soldiers. I remember it and will never be caught wearing the thing. TD

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Ronbo said...

DISGUSTING! But at least the college moved quickly to shut them down. The final TD goes to the veterans and Old Glory.