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Monday, May 30, 2016

Vietnamese Communist Leader Says US Anti-War Activists Helped Their Victory

"Activists", you mean like this guy?
Obama's friend, Bill Ayers
Daily Caller

Vietnam Vets Win The Weekend By Recreating Photo They Took 50 Years Ago (Shutterstock)

In the weeks leading up to Memorial Day and President Barack Obama’s scheduled trip to Vietnam, a prominent Vietcong communist leader privately thanked American anti-war activists for helping defeat the U.S.-allied government in Vietnam in the 1970s, saying protest demonstrations throughout the United States were “extremely important in contributing to Vietnam’s victory.” . . .
 Vietnamese guerrilla leader Madam Nguyen Thi Binh:  "Binh actually recalled in her latest letter many meetings she had with American anti-war activists. She wrote, “The first time I met representatives of the American anti-war movement was at a week-long conference held in Bratislava in 1967, with the attendees of about forty Americans.' ”
“Before parting, we were shaking hands, holding hands,” she recalled in her letter, adding, “During the war years, I also met many other Americans in different places organized by U.S. citizen groups opposed to the war.”
"The defeat ultimately triggered an international humanitarian crisis where at least 800,000 Vietnamese “boat people” fled their communist conquerors. Many bravely undertook perilous journeys in small boats across the Gulf of Thailand to escape the new communist warlords. An unknown number of refugees drowned in the exodus."
Re-education camps brought to you by the American left and their Communist yokefellows. 

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