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Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Babies Who Survived the Holocaust

Legal Insurrection  “When the Americans who liberated Dachau found the women with their babies, they cried.”


"Through the course of my daily intercepting, I happened across a post that discussed the babies born in Dachau. Naturally, I had to check this out further. Their stories are amazing.

"First, the story of the babies pictured in the featured image:
In this image is 5 of 7 women (shortly after their liberation in Dachau) who were pregnant and had given birth, all during the Holocaust. Each woman is a miracle. Miriam Rosenthal (not pictured) survived Auschwitz before her arrival. Eva Fleischmanova (middle) survived two inspections by Josef Mengele.
One by one, they were brought to Dachau and, for some reason (perhaps in the hope of being used as barter with the now-winning Allies) put together into a basement. Thanks to the help of their fellow inmates, and their helping each other, they managed to survive until their release. Throughout the experience, one baby after another was born, brought into the world by an inmate who was trained as gynecologist, and whose only tool was a bucket of hot water.
When the Americans who liberated Dachau found the women with their babies, they cried. Surrounded by a death the soldiers could hardly imagine, they had found a spark of unimaginable hope.
"The BBC created a short documentary about Eva Clarke and Anka Bergman, two of the babies that survived the Nazi death camps. This is the first part:" . . .

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