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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Police Need Obama’s Anger @ Black America, NOT Milquetoast Faux-Condemnations

More reasons to vote for Trump; we must have a president who can heal the scars of Obamism, not entrench them.

policeDebbie Schlussel  "Where is Barack Obama’s outrage? Where is his anger? Where are his loud implorations to Black America to STOP. SHOOTING. COPS.? Nowhere to be seen because he is a big part of the problem, part of the cause. Part of the “F-ck Tha Police” culture.
obamasmiling.jpg"A week and a half ago, when police officers were targeted and assassinated in Dallas, I pointed out that Barack Obama is a big part of the problem, a cause of the senseless racist murders of those cops–that he has dead cops’ blood on his hands. Instead of yelling at Black America and ordering them to stop the violence, he instead went on national TV with press conferences calling out police for the tragic killings of two Black men. He called out the police and ginned up those in Black America who would kill them. And this was after there had already been a record of Black Lives Matters types murdering police in cold blood, including two in New York. Yet, this was the only time we saw any sort of emotion from him on this topic–when it came to Black deaths at the hands of police (which number far less than the number of White deaths at the hands of police, something about which we’ve never heard a peep from the President).
. . . 
"In November, we have a choice, between Obama the sequel, with a (formerly) estrogen-endowed, cankles-gifted racism enabler of that racism or somebody else who might be more responsible and probably will be. I’m going with that somebody else." . . .

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