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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Barry Farber asks if there isn't a constitutional solution to bias in media

"In politics, negative stories about a candidate’s floundering campaign discourages volunteers, energizes his opponents with false stimulation, panics prominent allies who were all set to endorse and inspires donors to put their wallets back in their pockets."
Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail

Why not journalistic malpractice?  . . . "For a while it looked like the wavering Castro regime might fall, but he was rescued by President Jimmy Carter, whose State Department issued a statement emphasizing, “We see no threat to the stability of the Castro government.” The following night there was a huge anti-Castro rally in Miami’s “Little Havana,” which I witnessed from an upper floor of a nearby building.
"Now I’m going to ask you to trust me on this one. In the Boy Scouts I was a miserable failure at tying knots, camping out, even identifying common birds. I was a whiz, however, at estimating how tall a flagpole was, how far it was from the mess hall to the lake, how many people were in a crowd – that sort of thing. I figured there were 8,000 Cubans at that Miami rally, and the police agreed with me. After the rally I hurried to a bar on South Beach so I could see how local TV covered it.
"And when I saw their coverage I wanted to throw the piano through the plate-glass window of the bar. The anchorman, contemptuously and dismissively said, “A few hundred anti-Castro dissidents joined the protest”!"
And on to today: ABC Refuses to Call Milwaukee Violence 'Riots'

Glenn Greenwald: The U.S. Media Is Essentially 100 Percent United Against Donald Trump   . . . "media in the United States has decided to band together in a last-ditch effort to stop the rise of 2016 GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump."

Networks Ignore Anti-Israel Bullying by Muslim Nations at 2016 Olympics
Islam El Shehaby

Full story here:   . . . "None of the networks – especially NBC, the channel hosting the Olympics – seemed to notice at all on their newscasts. They can all champion the Muslim-American fencer, and then ignore the Muslim abuse of Israel. The Jerusalem Post reported the trouble began on the way to the opening ceremonies:"
. . . 
"Where is the diversity-and-inclusion crowd from NBC? If a country blocked a set of LGBT athletes from boarding a bus, they would have had a fit. But bullying Israel is apparently acceptable. The Times of Israel added that in judo, a Saudi competitor forfeited before having to face an Israeli." . . .  
By the way, see this update:
Ibtihaj Muhammad: Meet USA’s America-Hating, Jew-Hating, Racist Olympian & Over-Hyped “Heroine”
. . . "Here are the CliffsNotes on Ms. Muhammad you should know. Her parents are converts to Islam, who joined via the racist, bigoted Nation of Islam, which–to date–embraces Black supremacism(sp), Jew-hatred, and White-hatred. But you never hear the media ask her to denounce it." . . . 

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