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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dick Morris takes apart Bill Clinton's DNC speech advocating Hillary's illustrious career. Other discussions on HRC here as well.

Dick Morris takes apart Bill Clinton's DNC speech advocating Hillary's illustrious career.

"They were called out as DNC hacks by the Media Research Center:
BRENT BOZELL: In the New York Times, you’ve got 1287 words. That’s a big story on the front page. You’ve also got an accompanying story next to it continuing the same thing. How many front-page stories on Hillary Clinton? Not one. How many in the New York Times? Not one. In the Washington Post, a 1400 word front-page story against trump. How many about Hillary Clinton? Not one anywhere. Both newspapers, also, savage editorials too.
Bozell also told Fox viewers how the Trump coverage has changed from months past: “It all happened the moment he won the nomination. Before then, there was been amusement. No more bemusement. They are going after him, as we knew they were going to.”

More on the press and the American Evita:

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler

Politico: Feds debate releasing Clinton's FBI interview  . . . "During a House Judiciary Committee hearing last month, Attorney General Loretta Lynch repeatedly noted that Comey's statement departed from the way Justice usually handles cases that result in no charges. However, she never clearly said if she agreed with his decision to speak out or not and she declined to add any detail beyond what Comey stated.
" 'I believe the FBI has provided extraordinary clarity and insight," Lynch said.
"However, some former officials said Lynch is unlikely to seek to block disclosure in the email saga—in part because of the uproar over her meeting with President Bill Clinton just days before his wife's FBI interview."

Clinton Cash Now in A Graphic Novel  "
It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Superwoman. Actually, 
it’s super corrupt Hillary Clinton and her responses are like the Joker. Taking an already powerful non-fiction book, this graphic novel, Clinton Cash, allows for the facts to be visually expressed. The authors understood that not everyone has the time to plow through a factually based book, so they put forth their evidence in a humorous short, snappy, and clear way to expose the vastness of the evil and corrupt global Clinton Machine." . . .

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