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Monday, August 15, 2016

Nets Ignore Obama Justice Dept. Killing Clinton Foundation Investigation

Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell
Kyle Drennen  "Despite serious legal and ethical questions being raised about the Clinton Foundation having high-level access to Hillary Clinton’s State Department while accepting large foreign donations, a CNN report on Thursday revealed that the Obama Justice Department squashed an FBI investigation into the matter. So far, the broadcast networks have censored any mention of the growing scandal.
" . . .At the time, three field offices were in agreement an investigation should be launched after the FBI received notification from a bank of suspicious activity from a foreigner who had donated to the Clinton Foundation..." .  .  .

Perhaps this is why:
IBD: Clinton Foundation Investigation Could Spell Hillary's Doom
A report that the FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation could spell serious trouble for Hillary Clinton. (AP)

"The Daily Caller reports that the FBI now has multiple investigations underway into the nefarious dealings of the Bill and Hillary's favor bank, also known as the Clinton Foundation. If true, this investigation could succeed where others have been stonewalled or blocked by the Clinton machine.
"Is Hillary Clinton going to be held to account for her corrupt dealings between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation? That question just became highly relevant again.
"According to the Daily Caller, this investigation — unlike the politically neutered FBI probe into Clinton's reckless use of a private email server while Secretary of State — is being headed by Preet Bharara, a U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York. Bharara, the story notes, has a well-deserved reputation as a nonpartisan who fearlessly takes on powerful political interests.
"If this is true, and the report is admittedly based on the word of an unnamed source, it could spell big trouble for Hillary." . . .

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