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Monday, November 28, 2016

Fidel Castro: The Death of a Tyrant

National Review Editors . . . "The Castros and their compadres fought their revolution in the 1950s and triumphed on New Year’s Day 1959. Many good and democratic Cubans hailed them at the Hotel Nacional in Havana. They were hoping for a better, and more democratic, day. And they had been promised one. 
"Yet the Castros, Che Guevara, and that gang quickly turned the island into something all too familiar in the world: a one-party dictatorship with a gulag. People streamed out of the country, if they were able. One of them was Juanita Castro, who had fought alongside her brothers. 

"Explaining her defection, she said, “I could not remain indifferent to what is happening in my country. My brothers Fidel and Raúl have made it an enormous prison surrounded by water.' ” . . .

Political Cartoons by Steve Breen

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