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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Leftist Rag Daily Kos: “Be Happy” If Coal Miners Lose Health Insurance, Getting What They Deserve For Voting Trump

"These are sick people. Despite the claims that they care about ‘working people’, it’s really only about “will they get us into power”. And if not, then screw you. “How dare you abandon us, you yokels”.
"The Daily Kos writer seems to forget there’s a very good reason that coal miners went with Trump and not Clinton. That little thing about Hillary promising to put them out of work kind of made them believe that the Democrats didn’t really care very much about their jobs and coal. That and the constant efforts against the coal industry in general.
"But yes, insult them. That’ll surely work for 2018…
"Via Daily Kos:
. . . Yes, this will be a terrible outcome for a group of people who have really drawn a shitty lot in life. But how sorry should we be for this crowd? Coal country swung hard for Donald Trump, winning 70 to 80 percent of the vote in some of these counties.
Don’t weep for these coal miners, now abandoned by their GOP patrons. They are getting exactly the government that they voted for. Democrats can no longer offer unrequited love and cover for them. And isn’t this what democracy is all about? They won the election! This is what they wanted! . . .


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