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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Don’t flatter yourself, Meryl Streep. You people are the biggest bullies of all.

Political Cartoons by Mike Lester 
If Hollywood were really all that Meryl Streep cracks it up to be, it would produce shows and films that explore the lives of people who are actually different from themselves. But every time it does, the conclusion it draws is always the same: “These people are freaks and we should laugh at them.' ”  (Here's an example for you)
Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh: Don’t flatter yourself, Meryl Streep. You people are the biggest bullies of all.

. . . "Now, two brief notes on all of this:

"1. Whatever you think about the content of the speech, it certainly was not courageous.

"You’ll notice that it’s never enough for liberals to simply agree with what someone says or does. It always has to be “brave.” Streep’s speech has been described in those terms by countless liberals on social media, along with many similarly glowing adjectives. It’s absurd, obviously. Whether you agree or disagree with what she said, she still said it in front of the friendliest possible audience. She told a group of people who worship her exactly what they want to hear and already believe. She risked absolutely nothing. She was threatened only with exposure to loud clapping and friendly handshakes at the after party (which is somewhat brave, perhaps, given that it’s flu season)." . . .

"2. Hollywood is a disgusting cesspool of nihilism, narcissism, and hatred.

. . . "With a few exceptions, Hollywood consistently churns out cynical, degrading filth. It openly mocks people of faith and looks with unabashed hatred upon those of us with so-called “traditional values.” It makes no attempt to disguise its contempt for the way many of us live and the beliefs that many of us hold." . . .  Hat tip to Jeff Hayden; Plano, TX

Meryl Streep’s Speech Is Why the Left Wins
The Democrats are the weakest they’ve been in generations. But in that same period, whose cultural values have most advanced?
. . . "Streep firmly and fully believes that she and her colleagues are on the side of the angels, standing bravely against the “bullies” who would degrade our culture and denigrate our citizens. Yet it is the cultural Left that has raised bullying to an art form, commandeering immensely powerful institutions to exact vengeance on those who dissent from leftist orthodoxy.

The Left Means to Break This President  "Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign against Donald Trump largely amounted to a reprise of the left's attacks on Judges Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas in the 1980s. "Borking" -- nice slang for Hillary’s "politics of personal destruction" (which she decried when it was employed against her husband in 1998) -- succeeded against Judge Bork. It did not work against Justice Clarence Thomas. And it demonstrably didn't work against president-elect Trump.
"So what is the left going to try next, now that Borking Mr. Trump has failed?

" 'Massive resistance." that's what." . . .

Oops! How Meryl Streep was unintentionally correct ". . .  Streep and so many others in her position are outrageously disconnected from the real world.  They isolate themselves in esoteric culture and class, completely ignoring the common citizen, who is more likely to be a fan of sports than “the arts.”  This year those citizens reacted by ignoring Hollywood’s pompous warnings and electing Trump. 
"If Meryl Streep is worried about being disrespected, she should heed the converse of her own statement: respect invites respect."

Meryl Streep's words incite C-SPAN caller to threaten President-Elect Trump  . . . "And do not forget the nearly 63 million Americans who voted for Trump; Streep is ratcheting up the hatred for them, too."

Barbra Streisand blasts Donald Trump: 'I completely agree with Meryl'

White House: Streep's Speech a 'Fairly Straightforward Exercise of Her First Amendment Rights'

. . . "But David French points out that during the same event in which Streep condemned Trump, she applauded a man who did something far worse. She, and most of the other assembled Hollywood worthies, applauded Roman Polanski who received a Golden Globe award.
"As French reminds us:
Roman Polanski pled guilty to statutory rape and admitted in open court to having sex with his victim when he knew she was only 13 years old. Polanski was 43. In so doing, he avoided trial on a number of more serious charges.

"Polanski didn’t just have sex with the 13 year old. There is strong reason to believe that he raped her, and not just in the statutory sense." . . .
"Here is the video of the reaction to Polanski’s award. Streep can be seen standing and clapping at about the 1:10 mark."

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