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Monday, January 16, 2017

FBI’s James Comey Announces Team Hillary Obstructed in Email ‘Hacking’ Investigation

The Political Insider

"Democrats have quite the relationship with FBI Director James Comey. Once lauded for his decision to not criminally prosecute former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, he became an easy target for blame by Clinton-insiders for his actions in the days before the November election.
"Comey had a rough year and has been silent during the transition process. But that just changed!
"Comey is now fighting back against attacks from Democrats, noting that the FBI actually asked for access to the “hacked” servers which had emails from campaign chairman John Podesta and other top Democrats. He tried to get to the bottom of it.
"It’s easy to understand Podesta’s thinking here, as the hacked servers were also the center of Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of private email accounts, and turning the server over to investigators could easily have exposed more of Hillary Clinton’s unethical fundraising for the Clinton Foundation.
"In addition, the DNC wanted to ensure the Russian narrative would stick and instead counted on private company Crowdstrike to track down the phishing assault that gave hackers access to Podesta’s email count." . . .

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