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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It's Time to Scrap Property Taxes

Property tax bills arrive

American Thinker   . . . "Property taxes, conversely, are applied simply because a person owns something. Under virtually all modern property tax schemes, it doesn’t matter how long you own property, how much you paid when you purchased the property, or the fact that you already paid taxes (in the form of sales taxes and other levies) when you first acquired the property. The government taxes you simply because you have something that is perceived to be valuable.
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"What claim over property, however, does an individual truly have if he or she must pay the government for the right to keep the property? Although no private property belongs to the government, the government does, through property taxes, have such substantial power over property to effectively render ownership rights as nothing more than a mere privilege.

"Not only do property taxes fundamentally limit owners’ rights, they are often unfairly applied and unjust, because many property owners will end up paying as much or more in taxes than they do for the property itself." . . . 
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