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Friday, May 12, 2017

Trump and the Media / Democrats

"Media Runs Straight Past Loonyville En Route to Batsh*t Crazy Land"
"Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is VERY REAL.  Joe Concha points out some of the more mild MSM moonbattery… however, they’ve gone straight past that level . . . "

"While the Democrats and media suggest that President Trump fired FBI director James Comey in order to somehow stymie an investigation into Russian collusion with the Trump team in the 2016 campaign, the more plausible theory was far less damning to Trump. I theorized on Wednesday that this was all an elaborate set-up for a bank heist. But that’s not the theory to which I’m referring. Here’s the actual theory:" . . .

How Low Can CNN Go? Now It's Covering President Trump's Ice Cream Habits. Seriously.

Three cheers for Sarah Sanders   "One has to almost like punishment to face the White House Press Corps these days.  Ever since President Trump was inaugurated, this 100% liberal Democrat murder of crows sits there each day and harasses Sean Spicer, or, as in the last few days, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  Spicer has toughened up since his early days, but Sanders, who is temporarily replacing him as he serves his Naval Reserve duty, is a born natural.  Like her father, former governor Mike Huckabee, she has the gift of strong, plain language, and she is quick on the draw.  How anyone endures the tedium of this press corps is a mystery, but she seems to revel at the opportunity to push back." . . .
Will the press corps ever learn?  Doubtful.  They have been carefully taught that they are special, that their "job," in the words of Mika Brzezinski, is to tell us how to think!  They are so thoroughly convinced of their own righteous power, they actually believe we pay attention to them.  Even after Trump's victory!  Go figure.

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