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Monday, June 26, 2017

Rick Moran  "A black college professor from New Jersey who went on Fox News' Tucker Carlson's show to defend a Black Lives Matter event in New York City that was open to blacks only, was fired from the school.
"Lisa Durden, an adjunct professor of communications and pop culture at Essex College, lost her job because of "racially insensitive remarks," according to the school's president.
On his June 6 show, Carlson and Durden, who is black, got into a heated exchange over the appropriateness of allowing only blacks to attend a Black Lives Matter event in New York City on Memorial Day.
“Listen. What I say to that is boo-hoo-hoo,” she said. “You white people are angry because you couldn’t use your ‘white privilege’ card to get invited to the Black Lives Matter’s all-black Memorial Day celebration! Wow!” . . .
. . .
"Of course, if a white person had made similarlly racially insensitive remarks, there wouldn't be much debate. And isn't that what many of us are fighting for regarding free speech? "Insensitive" speech is protected by the First Amendment, as is hate speech, bigoted speech, and any other controversial speech made in the public square. You can't have free speech if you only approve of certain kinds of expression - it's all or nothing and in this case, no matter the professor's racist attitudes and speech, she is entitled to express herself freely.

"It was refreshing to see a college president actually acknowledge the fact of black racism. And some kind of discipline should have been meted out to her for crossing the line. An institution does have the right to guard its reputation, after all. But if Professor Durden was going to learn anything about this incident (and I doubt she would have), suspending her would have been an effective statement of disapproval without causing her to lose her job."

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