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Monday, July 3, 2017

Ever read about Harry Truman's opinion of the press?

My dad couldn't stand the man and he was the topic of much dinner table conversation. Naturally as a grade-schooler with a "skull full of mush", I couldn't stand the man either because of what I heard at home. TD

Harry Truman once compared the press to ‘prostitutes’  . . . "Truman’s letter – in which he uses the word “penis” – is expected to get $150,000."

"Harry S. Truman and the News Media; Contentious Relations, Belated Respect"  . . . "Based upon extensive research in the papers of President Harry S. Truman and in several journalistic collections, Harry S. Truman and the News Media recounts the story of a once unpopular chief executive who overcame the censure of the news media to ultimately win both the public's and the press's affirmation of his personal and presidential greatness.
. . . 
"President Truman's advocacy of a liberal Fair Deal for all Americans and a prudent and visible role for the nation in world affairs drew fire from the anti-administration news media, particularly the publishing empire of William Randolph Hearst, the McCormick-Patterson newspapers, the Scripps-Howard chain, and the Time-Life newsmagazines of Henry R. Luce. Despite press opposition and the almost universal prediction of defeat in the 1948 election, Truman was victorious in the greatest miscalled presidential election in journalistic history.
"During his full term, Truman's relations with the news media became contentious over such matters as national security in the Cold War, the conduct of the Korean War, and the continuing charges of communism and corruption in the administration. Although Truman's career in politics was based on honesty and the welfare of the people, his early political alliance with Thomas Pendergast, Kansas City's notorious political boss, provided the opportunity for a portion of the press to charge Truman with subservience to Pendergast's own agenda of corrupt government." . . .

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