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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hillary Clinton’s upcoming book: Make way for the pity party

Washington Times  "Hillary Clinton, of “I Should’ve Won the White House!” fame, apparently isn’t content to deliver 10- and 20-second talking points from her national podium about the dang Russians who worked with President Donald Trump to give him that presidential title.

"She’s gotta write a book about it, too.
"That’s right. Clinton’s new book will reportedly double down on the Russian election interference angle — as well as one that rings in former FBI chief James Comey as a heavy factor in her loss, too.
"She just wants to get the story out, her friends privately say.
“ 'She really believes that’s why she lost, and she wants to explain why in no uncertain terms,” one of her political supporters told The Hill. “She wants the whole story out there from her own perspective. I think a lot of people are going to be really surprised by how much she reveals.”
"Well, probably not — not if the book focuses, as hinted, on the Russia-Trump election collusion message, or on the Comey’s a Traitor rhetoric, either. America already knows these lines. And they’re boring." . . .

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