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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The left is starting to jump the shark on its child migrant 'crisis'

Monica Showalter  "For the left, it's finally springtime.  After months in the political wilderness, followed by the crushed hopes for the great blue wave, leftists are finally getting a grip on an issue they can pin on President Trump: family separations among detained illegal border-crossers.  They're going wild with this issue, and the press is running stories about it nonstop, complete with crying children to tug at the heartstrings.  But there are signs it's getting to be too much for them, driving them to overplay their hand.

"The child migrant crisis they have drummed up, with media cameras shamelessly exploiting the faces of crying children (they blank out unconsenting children's faces otherwise) separated from their parents, at first glance seems to be the magic bullet they've been looking for.
"Many Republicans, for instance, are caving on the real issue, which is border enforcement, hastily offering up new legislation that incentivizes more illegal border-crossing.  Many are condemning the migrant separations and blaming Trump, too.  It's a panicked response to polls showing public approval numbers dropping, and never mind that the issue itself is problematic, not quite what the left's narrative says it is, premised on laws enacted well before President Trump took office and enforced the same way by past presidents.  Only Trump is getting the blame for a now saturation-coverage situation.  Instead of fighting back, as Trump does, the Republicans are caving, and this emboldens the left.  Yes, indeed – this is what passes for springtime for the Trump-hating left." . . .

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