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Friday, July 27, 2018

Why Trump Will Survive the Cohen Tape

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Rich Lowry   "Trump’s advantage is the power of low expectations. It's a symptom of our time that a tape of the future president of the United States discussing machinations related to an alleged affair with a former Playboy Playmate isn’t truly a blockbuster.

"The brief snippet of conversation between Donald Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen about buying the story of former Playmate Karen McDougal, who says she had a ten-month-long affair with Trump beginning in 2006, is certainly of interest.

"How often do you hear a future president speaking so frankly, if cryptically, about such a salacious matter? And the tape is part of the storyline of Cohen flipping against Trump that will be an ongoing media obsession.

"But what would be a potential torpedo to the bow of any other presidency is a relative trifle, because tawdry scandals have been built into the Trump baseline.
See the source image"Past presidents have needed fixers (John F. Kennedy had his at the top of the Justice Department, his brother Bobby) and have had shady associates (Richard Nixon and Bebe Rebozo; Bill Clinton and almost everyone he knew from Little Rock, it seemed).

"Still, Trump’s relationship with Cohen, a lawyer so disreputable that no one else would want his representation, is off the charts. Q: What kind of lawyer tapes his client (as Trump has asked in recent days)? A: Cohen, whose lack of standards is what made him so useful in the first place. The tape’s political effect is muted because everyone is dug in. " . . .

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