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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bathroom Wars: Target boycott has directly cost company $9.2 billion in market cap to date

Sierra Rayne  "There is some confusion and denial in the mainstream media over the real impacts of the ongoing boycott of Target (TGT) because of its controversial bathroom policies allowing men into women's rooms and vice versa, which came into force April 19.
"The left-of-center Associated Press released a superficial report last week on the causes of Target's current financial situation:. . . 
. . . "The likely impact of the consumer boycott against Target can be determined by comparing its market cap performance for equal periods before and after the transgender policy came into force against that of its competitors.  As the graph below shows, Target's normalized market cap has declined far more than any of its competitors since April 19." 

Is this fight a silly cause?  . . . "As society “evolves,” there comes the call for an ever increasing suppression of moral laws, limits, and now restrictive identities.

"That is why the bathroom wars are so very important.  “Transgenderism” has nothing to do with “rights” and everything to do with changing the very concept of man.  If this battle isn’t important, why is the government (and the media) doing everything possible to force anti-moral bathroom diktats down the throats of Americans?  If this battle is of such little consequence, then why are the candidates doing everything possible to exclude these issues from the debate narrative?  The ruthless ferocity of the war only confirms that moral issues are powerful forces to be reckoned with inside society." . . .

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