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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Ann Coulter  "In a campaign season with lots of surprises, how's this for a wild prediction? It would never happen, of course, but pull up a chair and indulge me. 

"My premise is, President Obama hates Hillary Clinton and always has. Why? 
(1) Because everyone hates Hillary; (2) Obama has special reasons for hating her based on the things she has done and said; (3) His senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, also hates Hillary, so, if by some accident, Obama wakes up one day not hating Hillary, Jarrett is there to say, Oh yes you do! (4) Obama adores his vice president, Joe Biden; (5) He knows that Hillary can't beat Trump. 

"Obama must be having withdrawal symptoms as his second term draws to a close. If he were Reagan, he'd just want to go home and chop wood. But he's not Reagan. The most powerful man in the universe is about to become just some schmuck in an airport. And he's got Valerie Jarrett chirping in his ear, You need to protect your legacy! 

"Who more perfectly encapsulates white privilege than Hillary Clinton? Hers was a charmed political life. She rose to political power in the draft of her husband, was given infinite breaks, then ruthlessly fought Obama for the nomination, long after it was clear she was not the Democrats' choice in 2008. 

"Obama resented her campaign and resented Bill Clinton's not-so-coded racism. " . . .

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