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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Democrat Campaign as of May the 18th, 2016

Hillary Might Have Just Made Her Worst Mistake Ever  . . . "Finally, putting Bill Clinton front and center highlights some of the most intractable weaknesses of Hillary’s candidacy. Most people now view Bill as a serial sex abuser. At least one woman has credibly accused him of rape, and it recently came out that he took at least 26 flights on the Lolita Express, operated by Bill’s pal Jeffrey Epstein. The phrase “underage sex slave” will once again figure in the campaign." . . .
Besides, what economic success would Bill have had without the Republican congress led by Newt Gingrich?

From the Washington Post, it must be said: Hillary Clinton’s viral nightmare: A video of her ‘lying for 13 minutes’
. . . "Either way, Hillary Clinton’s vast résumé of, shall we say, inconsistencies, is the dog that caught the car and won’t let go. A viral video collection of her comments on various subjects through the years is bestirring Republican hearts." . . .
Naturally the pro-Clinton WaPo did not link to the video itself so we had to find it elsewhere. Here:

To appear balanced, the WaPo published this article, but in reading it you will see it still does some hatchet work on Trump.

Hillary Clinton discloses millions in book royalties, speaking fees
" . . . she earned $1.5 million from just SIX speeches last year and $5 million in book royalties – while husband Bill's speeches raked in a whopping $5 million" . . .

Millennial College Graduates Interviewed, are Resigned to Voting for Hillary Clinton  "It’s pretty funny to hear their reactions when asked about Hillary Clinton." Video

More on this later today.

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