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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

EU's tantrum; Brexit as seen by Angela Merkel


Post-Brexit: What's next?  "In practical and rhetorical terms, this means a vote for nationalism, independence, and border security.  Consequently, this means a vote against globalism, Brussels’s bureaucracy, and immigration.  It means also a vote for true freedom of speech, individualism, and assimilationism and, consequently, a vote against political correctness, establishment, and multiculturalism."

Rick Moran: Another EU tantrum: No more English!  "The petulant children who run the European Union have been throwing epic tantrums since the Brexit vote, looking to punish and humiliate Great Britain for disobeying them.  They refuse to meet representatives of the British government informally to discuss how the mechanism of an EU exit can be implemented.  EU president Juncker haughtily questioned why members of the UKIP party were attending a meeting of the EU parliament to discuss Britain's exit ("Why are you here"?).
"Now it's been proposed that since Britain is leaving the EU, English, the official language, be dropped." . . .

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