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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Benghazi report

PJ Media: Benghazi Report: Obama Administration Failed to Protect Americans in Benghazi

. . . "The report also concluded that Hillary Clinton and other administration officials pushed the video explanation for Benghazi despite knowing the truth because eyewitness accounts were immediately available.
"Republicans on the committee charge that Clinton and the State Department acted in a "shameful" manner in refusing to hand over requested emails from her private email server and pointed out that President Barack Obama skipped his daily intelligence briefing one day after the attacks.
"The report also said that the investigation by the so-called Accountability Review Board was tainted by the influence of Clinton's former chief of staff, Cheryl Mills." . . .

Select Committee releases Benghazi report
But the analysis includes new facts sure to be seized upon by the administration’s critics, and which are likely to serve as points of attack against Clinton during the general election.
Via Lucianne : Judicial Watch Statement on House Benghazi Report
“The Select Committee report further confirms what Judicial Watch already uncovered through its independent investigations.  Our investigation continues, as the Clinton email obstruction of our Benghazi FOIA lawsuit is the subject of court-ordered discovery.  This report proves beyond all doubt that after four Americans died in Benghazi, the Obama administration lied.  While we appreciate the Select Committee’s efforts, Judicial Watch’s Benghazi effort has been one of the most significant non-government investigations in modern American history.”
GOP Benghazi report charges Obama-Clinton did nothing to save lives   
— The administration broke its promise to bring those responsible to justice. Now four years after the attack, only one person has been arrested and was brought to America before proper interrogation took place.
— The administration never had a sincere interest in helping the Committee and working with us to find the truth. It was politics, deceit and deception.
  Former Reagan Official on Benghazi Report: Hillary Clinton Has “Blood on Her Hands”  Video at this link.

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