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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

George H.W. Bush’s Letter Left For Bill Clinton Upon Entering White House

Weasel Zippers

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"What a beautiful classy letter, right? What was the Clinton team’s response upon leaving to George W.? They stole and trashed various items, including removing/impairing all the ‘W’s on typewriters in the White House."

Truth or Fiction   . . . "In response, White House press secretary Ari Fleischer outlined the details of the damage, most of which was in the Eisenhower Execitive Office Building adjacent to the White House.  On June 3, 2001 The Washington Post quoted Fleischer as saying that the damage included the removal of the letter “W” from 100 computer keyboards, five missing brass nameplates with the presidential seal on them, 75 telephones with cover plates missing or apparently intentionally plugged into the  wrong wall outlets, six fax machines relocated in the same way, ten cut phone lines, two historic door knobs missing, overturned desks and furniture in about 20 percent of the offices, obscene graffiti in six offices, and eight 14-foot loads of usable office supplies recovered from the trash.  According to Fleischer, there was one incident in the White House itself, a photocopy machine that had copies of naked people hidden in the paper tray so they would come out from time to time with other copies. " . . . 

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