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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Reprimander-in-Chief Obama hijacks Dallas Police memorial service

You knew we would get scolded, didn't you?  Remember this article from this past week:
As Obama Heads To Dallas, Fed-Up Americans Have Just 5 Words For Him
. . . "Americans all over the country are sick and tired of his rhetoric that further divides our nation, and they are making it clear. Many share the sentiments of one Dallas resident, who tweeted these five words: “We don’t want him here,” and their message was met with a lot of “amens.' ”
Didn't we all know this was coming? 

Political Cartoons by Gary McCoy

Thomas Lifson  "The malignancy of Barack Obama’s narcissism was on full display yesterday at the memorial service for five ambushed Dallas Police officers. His address bore all the markers of his cunning self-absorption. As Peter Hasson in the Daily Caller noted, he mentioned himself 45 times, and referred to himself twice before mentioning the names of the honorees." . . .

. . . "He started losing the law enforcement part of the audience. Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit noticed that Obama:
…included mentions of Alton Sterling (twice) and Philando Castile (twice). He even mentioned poor black children inhoodies – a reference to Trayvon Martin.
At one point police officers refused to applaud his defense of Black Lives Matter.
 "The Obama claque in the media are applauding the president’s sentiments. It is as if they saw a different speech."

A number of these excellent links come from the resourceful Lucianne.

Many in law enforcement feel frayed relationship with Obama  "After each fatal shooting of a black man by an officer, President Barack Obama has swiftly spoken out against bad policing, giving voice to the generations of African-Americans who have found themselves at the wrong end of a baton, a snarling dog or a gun. As much as those words have comforted blacks, they have rankled many of the nation´s men and women in blue. Some have described the remarks as an insult, an all-too-quick condemnation before all the facts are in and a failure to acknowledge the thousands of cops who do a good job and routinely. . . "

How Obama ruined his Dallas memorial speech 
"He was a national healer who became a crashing bore."
. . . "But as the president’s words flowed and deepened in Dallas, I was sure I was listening not only to the best remarks of his presidency but possibly one of the great presidential speeches of our age.
"This was true even though he was making certain arguments with which I did not agree — but because his tone was so beautifully modulated and his argumentation so civil, the president himself got me to listen, pay attention, and respect the seriousness of his contentions.
"And then he blew it." . . .
As usual, Obama made strange use of the word “we,” because when he says “we,” he means “you,” and when he means “you,” he means people who aren’t as enlightened and thoughtful as he and his ideological compatriots are.
Worse yet, the excessive length gave rise to a few extraordinarily ill-conceived flourishes that would have been discarded from a more contained and controlled final speech.
John Podhoretz 

"Again, imagine the grieving families feeling trapped in a political pep rally. President George W. Bush showed them respect, Brown showed them love, and Obama read a speech.
. . . 
Obama does Dallas wrong  "Leading up to yesterday’s memorial service, the New York Times declared that President Obama “Seeks to Console Dallas and Reassure the Nation.”
"He did neither." 
. . . "Certainly in a memorial service so soon after a massacre, it does not need to be said that not all police officers are angels. It was outrageous for Obama to go there."

Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

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