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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Guilt by Association, Real vs Imagined

Karin McQuillan . . . "In contrast, Hillary actually does support BLM, a racist organization that promotes murder of whites.  She repeats the cop-killing lie that we have a racist justice system." . . .

. . . "Unlike Trump’s non-relationship with radicals in word, thought or deed, Obama has had lifelong radical ties.  His beloved teenage mentor, the odious child molester Frank Marshall, was an actual Communist.  As an adult, Obama was plucked from obscurity by terrorist Bill Ayers, who recruited Obama to join him on the Board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, where they distributed $100 million to radical causes.

"Not to forget Obama’s racist, anti-Semitic and openly Marxist pastor for decades, who led his congregation to cheer 9/11.  (Remember how you felt the week after 9/11?  Can you imagine staying in a church that cheered the bombing of the World Trade Towers?) Wright is a man who Obama loved, praised, quoted and invited to campaign with him.  Now we have Obama inviting to the White House the radical, cop-hating BLM movement that cheers assassination of cops."

Image result for bill ayers photos

"The contrast between the baseless accusations that Trump is a fringe candidate and the reality of Obama and Hillary Clinton’s lifelong radical associations could not be clearer.  Thanks to the liberal propaganda press, their voters will never know."

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