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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Godmother's foundation

Clinton Foundation Investigation Could Spell Hillary's Doom  
. . . "All of this supports the central contention of Peter Schweizer's 2015 book, "Clinton Cash," that detailed how the Clinton's used Hillary's position at State to trade massive donations to the Foundation for favors from the Obama administration. As Schweizer put it, "they have monetized public service in a massive way."
"We also learned Friday that the Clintons made $1 million in donations to their own foundation, which effectively amounts to recirculating the money back to themselves and their friends while taking a massive tax deduction."
Clinton Foundation should stop accepting funds   . . . "That was bad enough at State; if the Clinton Foundation continues to cash checks from foreign governments and other individuals seeking to ingratiate themselves with a President Hillary Clinton, it would be unacceptable.". . .

Another look at the character of Clinton  . . . "Clinton, the supposed champion of women, is no such champion.  As with all things Clinton, it is a lie.  From her personal life as Bill’s enabler to her work as a defense attorney when she laughed about getting a pedophile off the hook while assassinating the character of the 12-year-old victim to her plan to import record numbers of Muslims to America that will certainly be no boon to American women, or anyone else, for that matter, to her presence on the world stage, where she has ties to countries that oppress women in unthinkable ways (herehere,herehereherehereherehere, and here), she is a disaster of the first magnitude." . . .

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