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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Obama labor regulations will cost $80 billion and 411 million paperwork hours

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There’s a New Government Regulation Every 2 Hours and 48 Minutes

Rick Moran  . . . "For 8 years, President Obama has promised millions of new, good paying jobs. Instead, we have what Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge blog has termed a "waiter and bartender recovery." It's impossible to square Obama's rhetoric with the reality of his anti-business regulations.
"How much worse will Hillary Clinton be for the economy? It's hard to imagine, but there is no doubt her appointees will be even more liberal than Obama's. Clinton has become a creature of the hard left and is expected to payoff the radicals with numerous government appointments. That doesn't bode well for business as people who despise capitalism move into positions of authority to oversee the economy. "
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