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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Must See: Amazing Stock Footage Of the Siege of Bastogne

War History Online  "The Ardennes Offensive was a last ditch attempt by the German army to halt the Allied advance across western Europe. The plan called for a surprise attack and a swiftly moving advance encompassing mechanized forces that would brush aside enemy resistance and which had, as its end goal, the harbor city of Antwerp in Belgium.

"The town of Bastogne, straddling as it did the point of convergence of all the main roads upon which the advance of the German armor depended on, was to become the scene of one of the most heroically endured sieges of modern times.
. . .
"American grit and determination had prevailed against enormous odds, and the unexpected determination had cost the German offensive dearly. The fighting spirit of the American soldiers that had turned impending defeat into astounding victory may best be summed up by the comment made by Colonel C. Abrams  upon hearing that 26 German divisions had encircled Bastogne:
“ 'They’ve got us surrounded again – the poor guys.' "

Raw combat footage with no sound.

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