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Sunday, October 23, 2016

VIDEO: Writer Christopher Hitchens Predicted the ‘Infantilism’ of Academia in 1994

Infantilism  . . .  2. a. Marked immaturity, as in behavior or character: "infantilism, which is the subtext of so much American cinema and culture" (John Simon).  b. An infantile act or remark.

Legal Insurrection  "Author and commentator Christopher Hitchens passed away in 2011, but his work is still highly revered. Hitchens was smart and walked a fine line between the right and left. He began his career describing himself as a socialist but became very conservative on some issues over time.

"In terms of academia, he pretty much predicted where we are now all the way back in 1994. In the clip below, he’s making an appearance on the Charlie Rose show and he warns of a time when students will think of the university as their mother and father.

"He also warns against the culture of victimhood. Again, he was way ahead of his time. This is a short but very enlightening clip." . . .

Everyone’s going to want to be a victim.

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