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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Kellyanne Conway smacks Romney: The price of party unity shouldn’t be the Secretary of State position

Will Trump bring the hammer down on Conway over this?

Hot Air  "It’s tremendously bad form for Trump’s inner circle to be airing its debates over personnel on national television. Why knife Romney when he’s still in contention for the job, knowing that you might have to defend his selection in interviews literally tomorrow? As Twitter pal Cuffy Meigs said, anyone considering a job in the administration who’s watching this play out “would be insane to jump in this snake pit.”

"One theory of why Conway’s doing this publicly is that she knows TV is an effective way to reach her boss. If that explains it, we’re in deep trouble. Trump’s own campaign manager should be able to make her point to him without feeling she needs to commandeer a broadcast network’s cameras. And she has made her point to him privately, or so she says.
. . . 
"If it’s true that she’s trying to “send Trump a message” by attacking Romney publicly, Trump should think very carefully about whether he wants her as press secretary, a job for which she’s allegedly the frontrunner. The daily briefing would shift from an opportunity for the press to ask questions of the White House to an odd spectacle of tea-leaf-reading in which the media tries to figure out whether Conway’s answers represent Trump’s actual positions or positions she (and maybe Steve Bannon) are trying to get him to adopt."

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