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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Reliving the bloodiest battles in the War on Language

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Peter Skurkiss  "Beth Reinhard wrote a short piece in The Wall Street Journal entitled "Abortion Battle Set to Rage Anew."  Reading it, one can get the impression that there could be a shift in the culture war.  And no, it's not that funding for Planned Parenthood is now in jeopardy with the election results – which, fortunately, is the case.  Rather, it's the wording in the story that might be a harbinger of things to come.  
"Ms. Reinhard writes, "The mood in the pro-abortion rights community is grim."  Do you see it?  It has been a dog's age since the so-called pro-choice community has been properly labeled as being "pro-abortion" in a major publication.  To refer to a candidate or some organization as "pro-abortion" would invoke howls of protest from the likes of Planned Parenthood, the Democratic establishment, and the mainstream media, causing a retraction.
"So why the change?  Maybe it was something that simply slipped past the paper's editors. 
"Or maybe it was the full-throat endorsement of abortion on demand, including the gruesome partial-birth procedure, by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party that precipitated the wording change.  And then again, it might have been how Donald Trump exposed the hollowness of political correctness during his presidential campaign." . . .

Related: Hey libs: What if whiteness is a disability?  . . . "What if we start thinking of whiteness as a disability, that whites don't really "intend" to be offensive to others, but they are born that way?  After all, gays used to be criticized as being different, and making people uncomfortable, and now they are widely accepted. People believe that homosexuality is just a characteristic they are born with, not at all learned behavior or a choice. It's part of who they are.
"So why can't we think of "whiteness" the same way?  That whiteness is a disability?  If we then adopt this perspective, we must encourage people to accept the whiteness of others, and be understanding.

"In fact, if we take the analogy to gays further, we must "celebrate" whiteness and not victimize those who are white? " . . .

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