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Friday, November 11, 2016

Veterans Day, 2016


Who Are These 'Veterans' Who Get Their Own Special Day? . . . "There are no “jumpin’ junkies” in this military, no one who whines that their daddy couldn’t buy them a deferment or the stupid doctor said their back was just fine.  You can actually trust the man on your right and your left to save your life just as you would theirs. No fragging, no divide between the Harvard dropout and the poverty-hobbled the-Army-or-jail enlistee. 
"But along the way we have lost that great leveler that crossed class, racial, and economic boundaries.  We veterans learned so much from each other and it wasn’t always about military skills.  We learned how other people lived, what they thought and, often, what it was in their upbringing that caused them to think and talk and act in a way somewhat different from the way we were brought up." . . .

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