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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Obama's legacy as not recognized by his supporters


“when it came to faith-based convictions he [Obama] didn’t share, he showed no mercy.”
. . . "President Obama threatened crippling fines if a college refused as a matter of conscience to make contraceptive services, including sterilization and abortifacient drugs, available in the health plans offered to its employees and students. The government’s foreign-assistance apparatus required a pledge of allegiance to the LGBT and “reproduction freedom” agendas as a condition for grants. Indeed, early on the administration sent a message to faith-based groups by yanking a grant to the U.S. Catholic bishops, a proven provider of quality refugee services, because they would not forsake their views on abortion and contraception. "

'He’ll look back in deep sorrow and some shame': Retired admiral says Obama will regret ignoring his own 'red line' in Syria
. . . "Obama likely will be judged by history as much for what he did not do as for what he did, as Stavridis demonstrated today.
"He first called on Assad to leave power in 2011. But the two-term president never supplied moderate rebels with enough firepower to topple him or force him to the negotiating table. 
"His failure to carry out threatened air strikes to enforce the 2012 'red line' over dealt a heavy blow to U.S. standing, including by some of his staunchest regional allies." . . .

Could the Education Department’s Title IX overreach be nearing an end?  . . . "Attendees praised the 66,000 investigations conducted during the Obama administration and the 34 “policy guidance documents” issued in the past eight years. The documents mandated rules for sexual interactions, gender segregation as it relates to bathrooms and transgender students and racial equity in disciplinary cases." . . .

Obama Tries to Get Arms Trade Treaty Ratified as a Parting Shot  "Barack Obama is still working on his soon-disappearing legacy and is hoping to add prohibitive gun control to it by getting the Arms Trade Treaty ratified. It’s too late for one of his fiats. He tried to get this approved for Christmas 2014 and now, here we are again in time for Christmas 2016."

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