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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What Rex Tillerson's Nomination Means for Russia Policy

"Putin, we’re told, is bent on reviving a Russian empire that dissolved 25 years ago this month."
The National Interest

Tillerson with Vladimir Putin and Rosneft’s Igor Sechin. Kremlin.ru

"In nominating Rex Tillerson as his secretary of state, Donald Trump is attaining one of his major political goals: he is putting a distinctive personal stamp on U.S. foreign policy at a time when Washington’s relations with Russia are fraught with the possibility of a hot war from Ukraine to Syria. Not that Tillerson’s confirmation is guaranteed: Democrats and Republicans are suspicious of his ties to Vladimir Putin, and they will subject the ExxonMobil chief executive to intense scrutiny during next month’s Senate hearings.
"But Trump has an idea of where he wants to go in dealing with the Kremlin and he is going there. The skeptics attribute his ambition to some sort of bromance with the Russian autocrat. Few recognize the substance of what he is trying to do; and those who do run the risk of being denounced as Putin apologists." . . .

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