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Saturday, December 10, 2016

The reckoning: Who was the absolute worst pundit of the election?

Thomas Lifson   "Is it schadenfreude season yet?  Surely, the epic failure of the pundit class deserves some commemoration.  There just has to be a reckoning for people who sold opinions that were completely off-base, out of touch, and hilariously arrogant.

"The controversy over Mitt Romney as a possible secretary of state for Donald Trump has boiled down to a few elements, perhaps the most prominent at the moment being the desire for an apology being expressed by a number of Trump loyalists.  But what about the pundits?  If they earn their living by providing expert analysis, haven’t they disgraced themselves?
"Now, I can understand a number of candidates having strong supporters.  George Will, who publicly wished for a 50-state Hillary Clinton victory, certainly deserves consideration.  But it is on the left that we find the most vitriol, or perhaps just the loudest vitriol, considering the depth of Will’s desire.
"One nominee worth considering is Bob Beckel.  The “Trump Fan Network” has compiled some of his most foolish statements." . . .

Here are two impartial journalists reporting on the Trump victory. Bear in mind Tim Kaine is Hillary's running mate and his son, I'm sure is highly partisan for his Dad's ticket. The son of Mike Pence is also a Marine at Camp Lejeune.

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