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Saturday, December 10, 2016

President Trump Will Retire the Race Card and Race Pimps

Kevin Jackson: The Blacksphere  "President-elect Trump has been called a racist. A lot. I predict that, along with making many other positive changes during his presidency, President-elect Trump will retire the race card.

"Take a look at these things the media has conveniently forgotten to mention:

"After Donald Trump’s divorce from Ivana, he dated a lovely black woman named Kara Young.

"The Left conveniently overlooks that fact, as the evidence of that relationship certainly negates the “fake news.”

"And when don’t they overlook facts?

"Well, as one black man said to me of Trump dating a black woman,

“ 'He just wanted to feel like a slave master, that’s why he dated that sista.”

"Nice try.

"As Conservative Read reports,
Recall, the anti-Trump corporate media has been whistling this same tune from the time that Trump was leading in the primaries. Photos of Trump rallies circulated in which scores of attendees were featured with arms lifted in air. This, the scandalously dishonest media wanted for us to conclude, proved that Trump—Trump, one of the most visible and famous men in the world, a man with a public record extending back three decades, a real estate mogul who had a long-running, top-rated NBC television show!—was the new Hitler and his supporters Brown Shirts.

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