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Monday, January 2, 2017

Petulant, vindictive Obama droppings on the American carpet.

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Obama Will Never Leave You Alone  "When George W. Bush finished his second term, he quietly exited the national stage and allowed the age of Obama to begin without interference. Obama has no intention of affording his successor the same courtesy.

"He is a different man than Bush. He loves the spotlight too much to leave. He also knows that the press loves him more than Trump and will run to him for comment on everything Trump does.
If you thought you were rid of Obama, guess again.

"The Washington Examiner reports:" . . .

Obama unleashes 3,853 regs, 18 for every law, record 97,110 pages of red tape  "President Obama's lame duck administration poured on thousands more new regulations in 2016 at a rate of 18 for every new law passed, according to a Friday analysis of his team's expansion of federal authority.
"While Congress passed just 211 laws, Obama's team issued an accompanying 3,852 new federal regulations, some costing billions of dollars." . . .

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