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Friday, February 10, 2017

Obama Attempts To Spin Iran Deal’s Obvious Failure As Trump’s Fault

"Iran’s leaders are aware that once Donald Trump is in office, the Iran deal is most likely going to be altered or dismantled. So why not thumb their noses at the United States?" 

The Federalist  . . . "But Obama may yet be able to blame this on Trump. He will argue that, despite this being done under Obama’s watch, Iran is reacting out of fear of the incoming Trump administration. Because the enrichment levels of the development aren’t yet known, Obama can claim that everything is going along swimmingly. If Iran chooses to enrich above the allowed level during Trump’s presidency, well, that’s on Trump.

"In an effort to fully cover his rear end, on Wednesday Obama declined to sign the legislation, thereby allowing it to become law on Thursday without his signature. While he maintains that the law doesn’t violate the terms of the nuclear deal, Obama also made it clear that he doesn’t think the legislation is necessary.

"Regardless of how Obama spins this, the Iran deal was poorly conceived from the start. It was always destined to implode, whether Republicans took power or not. Because Obama hasn’t led with bipartisan support from Congress, the Iran deal, much like his executive orders, is just another example of how the Obama legacy will evaporate after he leaves office. While he might try to place the blame on Trump and other Republicans, there’s only one person who’s really responsible. Talk about being on the wrong side of history."

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