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Monday, March 27, 2017

American democracy: Not so decadent after all

Krauthammer celebrates Trump's losses, but I fear the upshot will be the eventual loss of any conservative opposition to the likes of the Jerry Brown- Kamala Harris- Maxine Waters-Elizabeth Warren destiny of the Democrat Party. In my most pessimistic moments I see the entire nation becoming California under the influence of academia, media, and Hollywood.
The thought of voters who take ladies of "The View" seriously choosing our nation's fortunes is frightening. As is a President who would be a guest of that show. TD

Charles Krauthammer

"Under the big gray cloud, amid the general gloom, allow me to offer a ray of sunshine. The last two months have brought a pleasant surprise: Turns out the much feared, much predicted withering of our democratic institutions has been grossly exaggerated. The system lives.
"Let me explain. Donald Trump’s triumph last year was based on a frontal attack on the Washington “establishment,” that all-powerful, all-seeing, supremely cynical, bipartisan “cartel” (as Ted Cruz would have it) that allegedly runs everything. Yet the establishment proved to be Potemkin empty. In 2016, it folded pitifully, surrendering with barely a fight to a lightweight outsider.
"At which point, fear of the vaunted behemoth turned to contempt for its now-exposed lassitude and decadence. Compounding the confusion were Trump’s intimations of authoritarianism. He declared “I alone can fix it” and “I am your voice,” the classic tropes of the demagogue. He unabashedly expressed admiration for strongmen (most notably, Vladimir Putin)." . . .

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