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Monday, March 27, 2017

Stand Strong Against the Lunacy of the Left

Trevor Thomas  "Virtually every crazy policy, corrupt courtroom ruling, or depraved piece of legislation that plagues our political climate is a product of modern liberalism. Whether killing children in the womb, killing small businesses, legally redefiningthe oldest institution in the history of humanity, legalizing and promoting a wide variety of sexual immoralities, criminalizing (or attempting to criminalize) the life-blood of American industry, criminalizing Christianity, stealing money from one group of constituents to buy votes from another, and so on, liberals and their lackeys in the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, and academia have used their political, information, and entertainment powers in manners most perverse.

"To a great extent, this is why the GOP is in unprecedented territory when it comes to political power. Except for the Northeast, the West Coast, and most large cities, the GOP brand dominates, whether local, state, or federal offices, across the U.S.  I believe this has happened not because of any special degree of governing competence held by Republicans (as their recent health care failure demonstrates), but because of the special degree of incompetence and immorality possessed by today’s Democrats. As Marvin Olasky put it, “Republicans cannot be trusted to do the right thing. Democrats can be trusted almost always to do the wrong thing.' ” . . .

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