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Friday, March 3, 2017

Obama and his Media Allies

Jack Hellner  "The Democrats and their allies in the media certainly couldn’t allow the momentum from the speech to continue, do not want to focus on Trump’s initiatives, don’t want the public to see much about the meetings with different groups, especially minorities and certainly do not want to talk about the massive increases in consumer optimism and business optimism or the trillions in increases in the stock market. Therefore:

"They bring out the tried and true -- people around Trump talked to Russians. It is too bad they didn’t talk to the Iranians instead.

"Hillary always bragged about all her contacts around the world so I do not understand why the NYT, WP, and others haven’t received any information on calls by her or anyone surrounding her the last few years to Russians or other world officials.

"Were the intelligence agencies and Obama officials only targeting calls from Trump officials or from all campaigns including Hillary’s and Bernie’s? Were their court orders involved to authorize the recording of calls?" . . .

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