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Friday, March 3, 2017

President Trump against Obama, Democrats and the media

Michael Moore Attacks War Widow
Sessions flap shows a Trump administration under constant oppo pressure "Yesterday, we saw that the Democrats will not stop until they destroy the ability of the Trump administration to enact any meaningful legislation and make the changes he was elected to accomplish.  Senator Schumer and his cohorts in the Senate have muddied the waters enough to confuse people regarding Attorney General Sessions's truthfulness.  It is possible that former president Obama might have prompted his outgoing administration to leak the information regarding the Russian computer hacking of the DNC and attempts to disrupt our electoral process to damage the Trump program's effectiveness." . . .
. . . "Now they seek Jeff Sessions, since he would lead an investigation against the leakers.  The leaks are illegal.  Congressional leaders see foreign ambassadors regularly.  Destroying Sessions's effectiveness will allow these embedded Obama holdovers to continue the dripple of questionable material." . . .  Read more

We have documented often the vindictiveness of Barack Obama, now being turned onto Donald Trump and yet he is adored by millions. Is there nobody who has become fed up with this man?

Democrats are starting to sound like modern Joe McCarthys  . . . "Of course, Democrats don’t just want Sessions’ head: They’re also calling for a special prosecutor — which would guarantee a years-long partisan probe. (Think the Valerie Plame case.)  

 'When it comes to investigating the election, we’re with Sen. Marco Rubio, who says there should be no “cover-up” — but no “witch hunt” either. No matter how shrill the Democrats’ McCarthyism."  Emphasis added, TD

Jeff Sessions and the Democrats' Politburo Politics   . . . Sen. Claire McCaskill jumped in to say that members of her (and Sessions') Armed Services Committee were never supposed to meet with ambassadors -- such meetings were exclusively for the Foreign Relations Committee -- only to have photographic evidence of her own meeting with the Russian ambassador appear on Twitter within minutes along with several other embarrassing tweets of previous and subsequent meetings.

"Hers was Politburo politics at its purest, behavior not all that distant from the purge trials where false accusations habitually sent defendants to Siberia.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with ideology or the public interest and everything to do with power." . . . 

From no less a source than Andrew C. McCarthy: The Perjury Allegation against Jeff Sessions Is Meritless   "On the overwrought, partisan allegations that Attorney General Jeff Sessions committed perjury in his confirmation-hearing testimony, let’s cut to the chase: There is a good deal of political hay to be made because Sessions made a statement that was inaccurate — or at least incomplete — especially when mined out of its context. But the claim that his testimony was perjurious as a matter of law is wholly without merit.

"Perjury is not inaccuracy. It must be willfully false testimony. Willfulness is the criminal law’s most demanding mens rea (state of mind) requirement. Prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the speaker knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionally — not by accident, misunderstanding, or confusion — said something that was untrue, with a specific purpose to disobey or disregard the law." . .

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