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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

China, the Norks, and THAAD

Eagle Prey
Rich Terrell
What Is THAAD, What Does It Do, and Why Is China Mad About It?
. . . "So, from the Chinese perspective, a THAAD deployment could shift the strategic stability needle ever so slightly away from its status quo equilibrium and advantage the United States, giving Washington better early warning and tracking of Chinese ICBMs. That, in itself, doesn’t seem like a serious impingement on China’s security or its nuclear deterrent. What’s interesting is reading China’s worries about a THAAD and AN/TPY-2 deployment on the Korean peninsula together with murmurs that Beijing is growing increasingly interested in a launch-on-warning nuclear posture. Does a THAAD deployment affect the credibility of China’s second-strike capabilities by giving the United States a greater early warning edge? Perhaps, but, as Lyon notes above, the difference would be marginal given the AN/TPY-2s already in Japan." . . .

North Korea 'deliberately detonated missile during failed weekend test because it was heading for RUSSIA'
The North is technically still at war with the South after their 1950-53 conflict ended in a truce, not a treaty, and regularly threatens to destroy the United States, Japan and South Korea.
Satellite images have revealed how North Korea is preparing to trial [launch] its arsenal of submarine rockets amid fears of an impending nuclear test
. . . "Pictures of the Nampo Naval shipyard on the country's west coast show dictator Kim Jong-un has 'imported' a new barge so his navy can carry out underwater test missile launches.
"The 68ft barge is identical to another seen at the Sinpo South shipyard on the east coast which has been involved in up to six test launches since 2014."
. . . 
"According to 38North, which monitors North Korea, there has been no sign that the barge was constructed on the west coast, suggesting it may have been acquired from abroad.
"The design is similar to a Russian submersible test stand barge, but it is not clear which country it was imported from.
"They are often used to test missile tubes and launch systems before they are installed in submarines." . . .


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