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Friday, May 19, 2017

Governor Jerry Brown calls California taxpayers “freeloaders”

A view from a “deplorable” in “Podunk” California!

Legal Insurrection

. . . "Sacramento has been in hyper-drive since the Democratic Party obtained super-majority after Newman’s surprising election win. Since the legislative session opened, not only has it passed the gas tax hike, but published an insulting letter to President Donald Trump, initiated a move toward single-payer healthcare, and declared California a “sanctuary state.

"That Jerry Brown feels comfortable enough to be so demeaning to a substantial number of Californians is not a shock. He cannot run for re-election, and unless the recall election is successful, has until 2018 to pass whatever insanity our state Assembly and Senate put before him. There is no need to persuade, negotiate, or compromise.
In fact, Brown seems to be acting as the “President of the Left Coast” in many ways.  Remember that Brown taunted President Trump during a visit earlier this to the nation’s capital (“Come on down from Trump Tower”).  Also, upon hearing that the administration’s plans for NASA meant a refocus on space exploration science instead of climate change pseudoscience, Brown threatened to launch a California-built satellite.


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