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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Last Man Standing Falls to Trump Derangement Syndrome

Daniel John Sobieski  "The cancellation by ABC of Tim Allen’s hit comedy “Last Man Standing” comes on the heels of CBS’ Stephen Colbert’s obscenity-laced rant against Donald Trump and underscores how far the media thought police have gone in their war on conservatives, conservative thought, and even conservative comedy.
"Allen’s show, in which he plays the manager of a sporting goods chain, features Allen’s biting and genuinely funny witticisms poking fun at all things liberal. Its humor is balanced, with the show featuring a Canadian liberal son-in-law who gets his points across. But it is a rarity among sitcoms, in that any conservative viewpoints are represented at all. In its sixth season, "Last Man Standing" is doing quite well in the ratings. As the entertainment website deadline.com noted:" . . .

. . . "Can’t have sentiments such as those expressed on national television these days. As at Berkeley and other college campuses, conservative thought, commentary, and even comedy must be silenced. The goosestepping left used to burn books. Now they burn TV scripts."

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